Carroll Shelby's Birria Taco Seasoning Package | Ideal for Slow Cooking | Guajillo Pepper Recipe | Spice level Mild

Hearty, juicy, mild and smoky,

Birria style is a whole different take on tacos – and Carroll Shelby’s Birria Taco Seasoning is the perfect way to dip in. Just season your favorite meat (or your favorite veggie protein) with our blend of guajillo chilis and flavorful Mexican spices, then stew it low and slow, or hot and fast in the pressure cooker. Dunk your tortillas in the birria broth before pan-frying them, then get your fiesta started!
No MSG | Vegan | Gluten Free | No Artificial Colors or FlavorsNo Added Salt
Birria Frito Pie recipe in cast iron pan
Searching for something deep and hearty to stuff your tacos or top your nachos? This seasoning's built for slow, easy cookin' — and the result will blow your doors off.

What's Birria all about?

The Basics

Birria is hearty stewed meat in a deep, flavorful broth. Created in the Mexican state of Jalisco, birria is traditionally made with goat, but also prepared with beef, lamb, pork and other meats. If meat’s not your thing or you want to shake up your routine, we love to make birria with mushrooms or tofu.

A taste as big as texas

The real star of our Birria Taco Seasoning is the one-of-a-kind guajillo pepper. It’s complex – a little smoky, a little fruity – and with a mild heat, less spicy than a jalapeño. Mexican spices and other simple ingredients round out our battle-tested birria blend.

Liquid Gold

Birria broth is so flavorful and satisfying that it’s served right alongside the main dish. Some folks use this sumptuous blend of meat juices and spices for dunking tacos. Others like to spoon it onto nachos, quesadillas or grits. We make no rules about such things. Be your own boss.


Inspired by Tijuana-style birria tacos dipped in birria stew broth, the unique flavor of birria tacos soon made its way to the U.S., tempting taste buds from the windows of food trucks in southern California and setting off birria cravings across that stronghold of spicy Tex-Mex cuisine, Texas. Now you can find tasty tortillas filled with hearty birria meat and cheese, served with a side of the delicious braising liquid to dunk them in, all over America.


Separate the birria beef from the broth and shred the beef. Dip tortillas in the broth, place them in a large skillet on medium to medium-high heat, top with grated cheese (this makes it a quesabirria) and birria meat, then fold over and fry each side until crispy. Top with chopped onion and cilantro, salsa and a wedge of lime. Serve with the broth on the side for dipping the tacos.

Make Birria at Home

It’s easy! Just get your hands on Carroll Shelby’s Birria Taco Seasoning at a store near you or let us ship it your way.
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